Instructions to configure Netscape 4.x with IMAP/SSL

Update: Do not use SSL with Netscape

Note You may need to use the fully-qualified name:

Start up Netscape, and select Edit->Preferences...

In the Category listing, click on the small triangle to the left of Mail & Newsgroups. You should now see a sub-listing of items, including Identity and Mail Servers. Select Mail Servers. You will see the right side of the preferences window change.

In the Mail Servers configuration window, there is a section titled Incoming Mail Servers. If you have not done this setup before, the default will be pop. Select it and click Delete.

Now, click Add.... A new window will pop up, with three tabs: General, IMAP, and Advanced.

Under General, fill in the following:

Server Name:
Server Type: IMAP
User Name: Your user name

Then, click "OK".

You will be back at the main Mail Servers configuration window. You may make the new entry ( the default mail server if you wish.

Under the Outgoing Mail Server section, fill in the following:

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: (if you're at UMich)
localhost (if you're somewhere else)
Outgoing mail server user name: (leave blank)
User Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or TLS for outgoing messages: If Possible

Under the Local mail directory section, leave the Directory setting unchanged (/home/user/nsmail/). Then press OK. That's all!