Instructions to configure Mozilla with IMAP/SSL

Note You may need to use the fully-qualified name:

Start up Mozilla, and start the Mail/News tool by clicking on the envelope icon in the status line (at the bottom of the Mozilla window). Then, select "Edit->Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings..."

Click the "Add Account..." button. You should get a "New Account Setup Wizard" that has two choices. Select "Email account", click "Next" and you will be in the "Identity" settings. Enter your name, and email address (which should be

Next, you will be at the "Server Information" pane. Select "IMAP" for the type of incoming server you are using. Enter as the server name.

The next pane will ask for your User Name. Enter your assigned user name.

Next, enter a descriptive account name.

The next pane will ask you for an SMTP Server. Again, enter If you already use Mozilla for your email, the wizard will choose to use the SMTP server that you already have defined.

Finish up, and you should be back at the main Mail & Newsgroups Settings pane. In the list on the left, you should see the new account that you have just set up. Click on "Server Settings" for this new account. You should see:

Server Type:IMAP Mail Server
User Name:your_user_name

Server Settings

[unchecked box]Use secure connection (SSL)
[unchecked box]Use secure authentication

Check on the "Use secure connection (SSL)" box, and you should see the Port number change to 993. Also, check on "Use secure authentication".

The folder structure on Tenaya is a bit odd. All folders must be sub-folders of the Inbox. This is just how the server software wants it. This means that you will have to change the default settings for "Copies & Folders". Here, you have two choices: (1) keeping copies of sent messages, drafts and templates on your own machine (Local Folders), or (2) putting them in appropriate subfolders on the server.

  1. Local folders This is probably the simplest option, but also the least flexible. For each of the items "Place a copy in:", "Keep message drafts in:" and "Keep message templates in:", select "Local Folders" from the pop-up menu.
  2. Subfolders on the server This will allow you to have access to your sent messages, etc, from anywhere (with the appropriate setup, of course). It's a two-step process:
    1. Create the appropriate sub-folders of your Inbox: Sent, Drafts, and Templates.
    2. Make the appropriate settings under "Other:" in the "Copies & Folders" preference pane.

Now, check the "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" setting in the main "Mail & Newsgroups" settings. No other configuration but the Server Name,, is required. Leave everything else blank, and uncheck the "Use name and password" box.