Do not modify the directory ~/Maildir in any way. That directory is your mail spool (inbox).

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Section on mail forwarding.

BUG NOTICE: there seems to be a problem with accesing mail folders from Tenaya using Netscape. The problem only occurs when Secure mode (SSL) is used to access your mail. If you turn off secure mode, folders are again accessible for read/write. This problem does not occur when using Pine, or the web mail system (

Web mail service has been set up. Try it here.

Forwarding Mail

If you do not want to use the Linux boxes for your email, you may use a .forward file containing the proper address. Please do this so that any administrative email that is sent to your Linux account will reach you.

Migrating from ITD

A message from Jeff Cohen, ITCS Online Consulting, about transferring ITD Mail account folders:

      In our system, the IMAP e-mail folder collection resides on the IMAP
      server (not your IFS Home Directory), and you do not have direct access to
      the IMAP server.
      What you can do is move your IMAP folder collection to your IFS Folder
      collection, then transfer those files to your new account.
      In this example, we will transfer an IMAP folder called "test" to your IFS
      Folder collection.
      1) Start Pine.
      2) Press l for folder collection.
      3) Open the folder called test.
      4) press ; for select and a for all.
      5) Press a for apply and s for save.
      6) Toggle the folder collection from IMAP to IFS.  The command for
      toggling between the two (change folder collection) should be at the
      bottom of the screen.
      7) Type the folder name "test" and press enter.  You should be asked if
      you want to create the folder.  Press y for yes.  The contents of the IMAP
      folder test will be copied to the IFS folder test.
      8) Repeat for all of the IMAP folders that you wish to transfer to IFS.
      Once this is done, you can look in the directory in your IFS Home
      Directory called "mail".  In there you will find individual files with
      names representing your IFS folder collection.  Each file contains all of
      the mail in that folder.  Those are the files you need to transfer to the
      corresponding "mail" folder of your new account, assuming that your new
      account is a unix based account and you will be using Pine for e-mail.

      Hope this is helpful.

      Jeff Cohen
      ITCS Online COnsulting


The mailserver is


All mail should be read with a mailer program that uses IMAP, e.g. Netscape, pine, and mutt. Netscape is recommended because it is capable of using IMAP-SSL, which encrypts your password when you log in to get mail.

With our current system, any new mail folders must be created as sub-folders of the INBOX. Yes, this is rather odd behavior, but there is no way around it.

Mozilla setup (recommended)

These instructions also work for Thunderbird, with possible minor changes.

Netscape 4 setup

Netscape 6 setup

Pine setup